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Collecting Data is as Easy as Asking.


Many small & medium-sized businesses underutilize the power of email marketing. This platform is available & powerful for any industry. 


Data Collection

Whether your business is high-tech or not, there are solutions to your data collection problems.

Website Data Collection Port: Red Shoe will enhance your website to increase data collection.

  • Build a VIP email list, a newsletter following or an all-encompassing data set

Data Hygiene: Red Shoe will collect & clean your data.

  • Your data set can become old & out of date, but when you partner with Red Shoe, you know it will be free from unsubscribes, undeliverable addresses & duplicates


Email Delivery


We will develop an appropriate strategy to reach your database, mindful of frequency, promotions & information. 

Frequency: We offer email delivery programs for all industries.

  • Red Shoe can deploy messages no matter what the frequency or number of recipients

  • Automation packages available for auto-subscribers


Messaging: Each email partner requires a certain look & feel to their messaging. Red Shoe will build & design email messaging around your brand, to stay consistent with your marketing. 

  • Red Shoe can/or will help develop content to build strong engagement & open rates for email delivery

  • Design messaging patterns to utilize promotions, news features & blogs


Analytics: Red Shoe will track analytics to make ongoing adjustments to messaging strategies. 

  • Track open rates, clicks, conversions

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