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Engage Your Customer.


First, we teach your brand how to talk, then we teach your brand how to listen. We identify your current clients' demographics & trends via analytics to engage current customers & target new customers.


Stay Connected


Consumers today have more trust in peer reviews & recommendations vs traditional advertising. We say, enhance both! Put your social media to work for your brand. 


Don't be concerned solely on the number of "likes" & "followers". Focus on who these individuals are. It's quality over quantity; all day long.


24/7 Monitoring: Your social audience is active way beyond your normal business hours. When you partner with Red Shoe, we monitor your interactions, reviews, responses & comments, so you can focus on the daily operations of your business.

Our team handles content, images, video & more daily, for our social partners.


We develop social strategies specific for your brand to increase engagement, reach, & ultimately, obtain ROI for your business


Internal Page Targeting: So many brands have a plethora of followers. But only a percentage of these followers may be interested in certain content. Red Shoe will target your social audience to ensure content placement.


Events, promotions & geographic content are best utilized in identified markets; don't waste your brand's content on followers that cannot bring immediate value.

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